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The Falling in Love Montage Saoirse Doesn T Believe In Love At First Sight Or Happy Endings If They Were Real, Her Mother Would Still Be Able To Remember Her Name And Not In A Care Home With Early Onset Dementia A Condition That Saoirse May One Day Turn Out To Have Inherited So She S Not Looking For A Relationship She Doesn T See The Point In Igniting Any Romantic Sparks If She S Bound To Burn OutBut After A Chance Encounter At An End Of Term House Party, Saoirse Is About To Break Her Own Rules For A Girl With One Blue Freckle, An Irresistible Sense Of Mischief, And A Passion For Rom ComsUnbothered By Saoirse S No Relationships Rulebook, Ruby Proposes A Loophole They Don T Need True Love To Have One Summer Of Fun, Complete With Every Clich , Rom Com Montage Worthy Date They Can Dream Up And A Binding Agreement To End Their Romance Come Fall It Would Be The Perfect Plan, If They Weren T Forgetting One Thing About The Falling In Love Montage When It S Over, The Characters Actually Fall In Love For Real

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    add this book to your TBR list to receive Sappho s blessing

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    You can t just go showing my gay ass this cover with no warning I wasn t ready and I ll never be ready.

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    Hi hello this is the first physical book that I have finished in probably a month and I am happy to say that I loved it SO very much The writing style was fresh and fun and the main character was so sassy and relatable and this book just meant the w

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    This looks like everything I ve ever wanted.Youtube Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Twitch This looks like everything I ve ever wanted.Youtube Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Twitch

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    4.5 stars The Falling in Love Montage is an angsty, wonderful, teen lesbian love story, and isn t that EXACTLY what we all need in our lives right now I know I needed it The Falling in Love Montage is a stunning debut by Ciara Smyth The lesbian YA scene is pretty barre

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    I don t want to forget what we had Ever In the past, we re perfectly preserved Best friends in love forever I remember this book getting announced on twitter, and the subsequent outpouring of love, support and excitement from a lot of sapphic women, especially lesbians I think t

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    for book.And 3000 for Saorise I wish I could date you for real, it would be soo amazing to date someone exactly like you This is exactly what I have been looking for all these years A character that represents me and a book that tells how my life is going to be Once in a while a book is r

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    i really wish i could say this blurb isn t a move i would and have pulled

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    rep lesbian mc liReview also on Reads Rainbow ARC provided by the publisher. The Falling in Love Montage is a lesbian rom com we have all been waiting for, including Saoirse and Ruby The girls literally have a conversation about this, when they come up with the idea for their montage They talk about how lesb

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    screams in gay panic

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