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The June Boys The Gemini Thief Could Be Anyone Your Father, Your Mother, Your Best Friend S Crazy Uncle Some Country Music Star S Deranged Sister AnyoneThe Gemini Thief Is A Serial Kidnapper, Who Takes Three Boys And Holds Them Captive From June St To June Th Of The Following Year The June Boys Endure Thirteen Months Of Being Stolen, Hidden, Observed, And Fed Before They Are Released, Unharmed, By Their Masked Captor The Thief Is A Pro, Having Eluded Authorities For Nearly A Decade And Taken At Least Twelve BoysNow Thea Delacroix Has Reason To Believe The Gemini Thief Took A Thirteenth Victim Her Cousin, Aulus McClaghenBut The Game Changes When One Of The Kidnapped Boys Turns Up Dead Together With Her Boyfriend Nick And Her Best Friends, Thea Is Determined To Find The Gemini Thief And The Remaining Boys Before It S Too Late Only She S Beginning To Wonder Something Sinister, Something Repulsive, Something Unbelievable, And Yet, Not Impossible What If Her Father Is The Gemini Thief

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    What an astonishing, captivating, complex, dark, dazzling, deep, dreary story After you read its blurb you may imagine how a book s story can affect you so deeply and put your emotions everywhere Not easy to read, absorb for every reader There is a Gemini thief out there taking three boys and holding them as his captivates from June 1st to the June 31th of the following year He can be anyone He can be she

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    I have read and loved a few Courtney Stevens books in the past so I expected to feel the same about this one, but that was so not the case This was. extremely disappointing The story was SO hard to follow and I kept tripping myself up because it is told in a somewhat nonlinear format but I didn t realize that until right at the very end and it was so damn confusing I also feel like the ending had no grounding in the

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    3.5 stars rounded up The Gemini Thief is a serial kidnapper who has haunted the state of Tennessee for the past decade Every year, seemingly without reason, three boys are taken, kept for a year and then released.When one of the currently kidnapped boy s body is discovered, however, it is assumed the Thief has escalated He has never killed before Was it an accident Either way, authorities and citizens alike become desperate t

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    Well, that s disappointing.Part of the reason this was so difficult to read is because of the same issue that multiple other readers stated in their reviews the formatting of this e arc is almost unreadable There are random pictures inserted in the middle of words, creating a jumbled mess and disrupted flow The story itself started out strongly, but proceeded to slog in the middle, with an ending that left too many unanswered questions

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    01 18 2020 I m here because Nilufer said dark and dreary and other beautiful dark describing words and I m just gothic heart eyes

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    The Gemini Thief could be anyone representation black side characters, ermmm i think that s it trigger warnings are listed at the bottom of this review and may contain spoilers 2 5 s t a r s I received an e arc from netgalley, but since hearing that the arc is quite different to the finished copy, I decided to wait and listen to the audiobook and I m glad I did I really enjoyed the female narrator, but the male narrator who was supposed to be na

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    Careful with that hope, he said Careful with that doubt, I retorted.I was worried about this one after reading reviews, but I actually ended up enjoying The June Boys The story is like a darker Nancy Drew A large cast of characters with a few main ones One being a victim whose POV is shown mostly through letters, and the other being the one trying to solve the Gemini kidnapping whodunit The start is a bit of an info dump, and the middle is a bit of a drag, but the

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    The June Boys is simultaneously devastating, captivating, and edge of my seat thrilling I read it on the heels of a book I absolutely loved, and not only did it not disappoint, it held it s own.So the blurb pretty much captures what s going on here every year mostly , three boys are taken from rural areas in the Southern US, held for a year by the anonymous Gemini Thief minor quibble he changes about halfway through the book to Welder but apparently has also been that all al

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    When Thea s cousin Aulus comes up missing she wonders if he is part of the June Boys who the Gemini Thief has taken captured As the mystery starts unfolding Thea starts to feel like maybe her dad has something to do with it Thea will do anything to find out who has taken her cousin The story was a good concept I liked the beginning but I felt like I never connected with any of the characters and I felt the story start to drag for me It took me a little longer to get through the book I

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