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Take a Hint, Dani Brown Talia Hibbert Returns With Another Charming Romantic Comedy About A Young Woman Who Agrees To Fake Date Her Friend After A Video Of Him Rescuing Her From Their Office Building Goes ViralDanika Brown Knows What She Wants Professional Success, Academic Renown, And An Occasional Roll In The Hay To Relieve All That Career Driven Tension But Romance Been There, Done That, Burned The T Shirt Romantic Partners, Whatever Their Gender, Are A Distraction At Best And A Drain At Worst So Dani Asks The Universe For The Perfect Friend With Benefits Someone Who Knows The Score And Knows Their Way Around The Bedroom When Brooding Security Guard Zafir Ansari Rescues Dani From A Workplace Fire Drill Gone Wrong, It S An Obvious Sign PhD Student Dani And Ex Rugby Player Zaf Are Destined To Sleep Together But Before She Can Explain That Fact, A Video Of The Heroic Rescue Goes Viral Now Half The Internet Is Shipping DrRugbae And Zaf Is Begging Dani To Play Along Turns Out, His Sports Charity For Kids Could Really Use The Publicity Lying To Help Children Who On Earth Would Refuse Dani S Plan Is Simple Fake A Relationship In Public, Seduce Zaf Behind The Scenes The Trouble Is, Grumpy Zaf S Secretly A Hopeless Romantic And He S Determined To Corrupt Dani S Stone Cold Realism Before Long, He S Tackling Her Fears Into The Dirt But The Former Sports Star Has Issues Of His Own, And The Walls Around His Heart Are As Thick As His Um, Thighs Suddenly, The Easy Lay Dani Dreamed Of Is Complex Than Her Thesis Has Her Wish Backfired Is Her Focus Being Tested Or Is The Universe Just Waiting For Her To Take A Hint

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    I m a simple person with simple taste I see fake dating , I smash that mf want to read button.

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    This book is addictive Sooooo sweet I m mumbling sweet and swoon words like a sacred mantra for at least 45 minutes and I cannot stop Ladies and gentleman we officially have one of the dearest sweetest and hottest book couple and we re introduced the best, charming, sexy, romantic, Alpha book boyfriend Zafir Meaning of his name is victor, successful and triumphant one Well, I

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    this was just everything it was so funny, romantic sexy while also tackling important issues like anxiety and dealing with the death of loved ones the characters dani and zafir are both so well developed and so loveable, and their chemistry was THROUGH THE ROOF i truly loved this book so so much pre order this book if you love adult romance and the fake dating trope it comes out 2

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    Hello this is a new all time favorite rom com and I AM OBSESSED The chemistry between Dani and Zaf was off the charts and my heart IS SO DAMN FULL after finishing this beauty Y all know I loved Get a Life, Chloe Brown but somehow this one blew that one out of the water and was EVEN BETTER Seriously, I am obsessed and this will officially be added into the rotation of rom coms I re read

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    This love business is absolutely nonsensical I m high on emotions so you might want to trust me, or not trust me for that matter, when I say this book was perrrrfect Fuckin great Talia Hibbert really has me out here believing that these fictional men she creates exist So I m going to roll with this delusion I laughed out out countless of times These characters and their inner dialogue took

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    Published today 23 6 20 1 Get a life, Chloe Brown 2 Take a hint, Dani Brown A cute, diverse, emotional and very steamy friends to lovers romance with fake dating Danika Brown, a clever, witty workaholic doesn t do romance, she s too focussed on her academic career, and has been burnt in the past She just wants a friends with benefits type situation When her sexy friend Zafir Ansari, a sensitive,

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    4.5 stars TW death of a parent panic attacksThis was a delight This is a fake dating romance featuring a fat, Black, bisexual witch and a Muslim ex rugby player with anxiety I find Talia Hibbert s books to be laugh out loud funny, with a rom com movie flavor The sex scenes and sexual language continue to be over the top, but I m able to forgive itin her writing because her writing doesn t take itself

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    I think I enjoyed this one eventhan Chloe Brown which I didn t think would be possible This book is sooooo adorable and I love Dani s character so much She s Black, she s British and she s bisexual And there s fake dating in this book Which is one of my favorite tropes.I related to Dani s character so much when she would talk about her reason for why she doesn t date and she doesn t think she would make a

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    1 Get a Life, Chloe Brown 2 Take a Hint, Dani Brown 3 Act Your Age, Eve Brown What an absolutely sickening display Romance clearly melted the brains of sensible women Dani was horribly glad she had nothing to do with it.Friends, I truly can t even begin to tell you how incredible it felt to dive back into the world of the Brown sisters I love this trio so much I can barely stand myself, andthan that, I adore e

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    Gah this was 1000% adorable and I am obsessed with Zafir What a soft, precious guy

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