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The Return An Edgy And Haunting Debut Novel About A Group Of Friends Who Reunite After One Of Them Has Returned From A Mysterious Two Year DisappearanceJulie Is Missing, And The Missing Don T Often Return But Elise Knows Julie Better Than Anyone, And She Feels In Her Bones That Her Best Friend Is Out There, And That One Day She Ll Come Back She S Right Two Years To The Day That Julie Went Missing, She Reappears With No Memory Of Where She S Been Or What Happened To Her Find all of my reviews at StarsI read this book in December And then I lost it in my car Which is a Fiat Why do I tell you guys stuff like this My husband should have zero problems having me committed with all of these embarrassing confessions out there in writing Actually he won t even have to worry about it after that fucking Google ad during the Super Bowl drinks gallon of antifreeze due to inability to stop crying ever Anyway, so I was lucky enough to get an advance of this book, read it a billion years ago, lost it in a car that is about the same size as a shoe and am now finally posting this And guess what I just took a look at the cover and noticed that it doesn t come out until March so The Return doesn t seem to be a big hit with my Goodreads friends, but I dug it The premise is a reunion of four old friends at a quirky inn The twist is they are getting together after one of them was disappeared for two years You see, Julie went hiking and never came back Two years to the day she went missing she was found on her own front porch Her pals Elise, Molly and Mae get the gang back together in order to help Julie as much as they can dealing with her return But Julie isn t the same Is it a case of Or something worse The creep factor here was on eleven and that was totally enjoyable Plus, I always love a good hens weekend type of setting and watching the skeletons fall out of various closets The dynamic of friend groups intrigues me and I don t mind reading about people talking rather than nonstop action Your mileage obviously may vary, but I think this would make for a great rainy day read ARC provided by Berkley in exchange for an honest review. I have read my way through 315 books to bring you my Top 10 Books of the Year video.Now you know that this one made the cut, check out my video review to see the others Ps This one is technically going to be published next year but it was so good, I let it slide It was dread It moved under my skin like a sickness. Julie, Elise, Molly and Mae best friends since college did everything together But, then they graduated, and spread across the country And they began drifting That is, until Julie disappeared and a rift formed between the remaining three Their lives were so different and with Julie gonenothing was the same You can t erase your past when there are pieces of it scattered inside other people. Of the three, Elise was the only one who didn t think Julie was truly goneand it turns out, she was right Two years to the day she went missing, Tristian found her sitting on the porch swing. Julie is back and other than a little malnutrition and memory loss that s a cause for celebration.The three girls are now four again, and they decide reunite in a luxurious hotel but right away Molly, Mae and especially Elise notice that things seem off.Julie is still Julieexcept when she s not A symptom of being captive for two years Or is there something else happening The hotel is beyond gorgeous but there s just something about it that makes Elise uneasy No matter how hard she tries to quell it There is nothing in the walls.There is nothing in the bathroom.There is nothing under my bed. But what ifthis isn t just something in her head What if it s been real all alongHoly F ck It was good I couldn t sleep because I NEEDED to know what happened nextand then I couldn t sleep because I KNEW what happened.I couldn t handle it In short, I don t think I will ever sleep again On the plus side, that WILL give me lots of time to read Rachel Harrison s next book which if it is even HALF as good as this one, will surely knock my socks off.I absolutely loved how Harrison layered all those spooky elements and how I couldn t tell fact from fiction Is there really something wrong with the hotel With Julie Or is Elise just freaking herself out I also loved the characters they were so diverse and well fleshed out I really feel like I could have a conversation with any of them.And I know I keep circling back to this the plot was brilliant Absolutely brilliant I cannot remember the last time I felt my heart actually race as I read a book.Ahhh What am I going to do with my life now that this one is over Requested an ARC of this one thanks to Tucker the Reader s review With thanks to Berkley Publishing and the author for sending a free copy in exchange for an honest review All quotes are from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publication.YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads I ve come back to write this review three separate times now, and I think it s best if I keep this as brief as possible The entire novel is a spoiler minefield, but ultimately this one didn t work well for me due to 2 reasons 1 The first 250 pages are mostly repetitive dialogue between the four women, and at that, mostly talking about Julie behind her back, AKA What s wrong with her This got old quickly, and caused me to want to skip ahead to where the suspense and possible action would occur 2 The final 50 pages contained a twist that felt clunky and underdeveloped for me, but this wasn t due to the fact that The Return contains a very paranormal type of twist If this one has caught your eye, whether due to the gorgeous cover or the synopsis listed above, I encourage you to try it for yourself, rather than letting my less than exceptional experience sway your opinionMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. Welcome to the DISAPPOINTED BOILING READERS REHABILITATION CENTER PATIENT NAME Nilufer we couldn t get proper last name, she confused us with a waiter because she determinedly pointed the empty glass she held in her hand and shouted us to pour Chardonnay SYMPTOMS Cursing, punching on the walls, yelling, screaming give my money back and then she calms down and adds Oh thank God This is ARC COPY I didn t pay for it and she makes some undefinable, horrifying moves between caged animal s banging their heads at the bars and jumpy cat who recently lost its tail She defined this moves as her happy dance.TREATMENT We gave her Shining s signed copy and poured a big glass of wine to shout her up And of course we stole her dancing shoes so she is not gonna scare the other unhappy readers We have a huge group stopped by lately who recently read Testament and they re in big pain right now Terribly sorry for big Handmaid s Tale fans Okay, this is me again As you read my anxious reader patient report above, I had an unexpected hysterical book down it was not a breakdown I just want to put the book down forever and never want to read it again I m disappointedly leaving my two stars on the table I felt like a town sheriff who is resigning, taking to her horse to the Old Town Road Here s the thing I love horror so much I love ghost stories, supernatural, paranormal things because they make me stronger to deal with real life s suffocating problems and entertain me so much I never claimed I m a normal person but I m not gonna sing Creep in my cover version and bleed your ears, don t worry But when it comes to this book I was so excited to read a new brilliant debut author s work And the cover is magnificent The blurb is intriguing Julie goes for a hike and disappears into thin air Nobody knows where the hell she is Three besties and newly husband are so worried after one years later they arrange a ceremony for declaration of her death Two of her friends start to see shrinks Poor silly girls But Elise, who has a special relationship with Julie never believes she is dead And she is right Julie is found at her house s porch, in same clothes she wore when she disappeared She has no idea about her lost two years.So the besties arrange a trip at shabby version of Overlook located at Catskill Mountains I don t want to imagine this special place where too many legendary comedians perform their first acting experiences as horrifying place So here s my boiling points Julie came back She is thinner She had bad tooth She looks the shell of herself And surprisingly she loves meat so much It s so strange right because before she disappeared she was a vegetarian So she gathers her wits in two years, it is not a bad thing, right All her friends have no common, talking like teenagers not nearly 30 years old people, keep saying I love you s but they don t have any idea why the hell they love each other so much are really worried about their friends But they don t ask what is going with her.All the characters including best friend Elise are so boring, artificial I still don t understand the reason why Elise s afraid of her own shadow I thought she had a traumatic past but when I read the background story I found out she is a regular silly girl who made unreasonable choices and now she is penniless and suffering from Electra complex.And why these four friends came to this tasteless, kitschy place There is nothing out of ordinary with this place, instead of designing failures and creepy hotel crew This is not Overlook This is not even a creepy motel located in the middle nowhere So I did t understand the reasoning of the author to bring those girls to this place They can go to cabin in the woods and it will be effective place, fitting better with the story And the last point I waited for a good conclusion and better satisfying ending As you may understand that I m still seething and eating a big bag of Doritos Poppin Jalapeno they re freaking delicious by the way the ending didn t work well with me FINAL RESULT POTENTIALS WASTED FOR NOTHING Lately I read too many great thriller ARC COPIES Like brilliant Sun Down Motel so I was really expecting too much and so excited to read this book but you cannot find the winners every time Let s forget this book and move to the next one Thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group to share this ARC COPY in exchange my honest review I wish I could enjoy it like the last thrillers I ve read lately.

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